I'm Elena, lithuanian girl living and studying graphic design in London. My biggest inspiration is architecture and design. But fashion is my passion. contact me: urbonaviciuutee@gmail.com



Hey guys! I'm so sorry for not posting any outfits here. But for now, I have no time to do this. Because of art school graduation and the end of the school. Also, I have no idea, what to do with my blog. Idk how it's spose to look and etc. So, I'm so sorry that I'm stopping my blog for about 6 weeks. 
Maybe I'll write some posts about nothing or about my gym inspiration, which actually goes awesome!
If you will miss me, hehe, you can follow me on instagram @urbonaviciute for my daily photos. 
And, I strongly recommend you to go out and get fresh air, enjoy every spring moment!

love you all, xx.

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